Salute to Painters!

Salute to Painters

Painting by BRAXartist FayFay Xiaoting

best paper shredder The history of painting spans as far back in time to the artifacts and prehistoric humans. The writings on the wall is a commonly used cliché but really refers to the original cave paintings used to tell stories and explain the history of early peoples through drawings of their experience. In fact, the research suggests the earliest paintings are about 40,000 years old and likely to have been painted by Neanderthals (Homo neanderthanlensis) rather than modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens).


You’ll now see examples of painted works across almost every culture with its own list of renowned artists who created it. In addition, each specific culture boasts differing painting styles and now even sub-styles with the most famous painters being those who could create “their own style”.  Take Spain’s Salvador Dali and his mastery of surrealism or Brooklyn’s own Basquiat who displayed and aptitude for abstract art.


Here at the Brax we started highlighting painters first as this craft is really the basis for all known history whether it be writing, art or just plain reflection in general. We’ll be featuring painters here monthly so please check back for updates or subscribe and we’ll e-mail you when new content is uploaded.

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