Oodles of Doodles


Borderdoodle Puppies – A “doodle” is really a cross between a poodle and a different strain. Poodles are deemed great for cross-breeding along with different sorts of dogs as they’re smart, make good family pets also have a non-shedding decorative coat. Nowadays doodles are popping up everywhere – and also a few of these (such as those on our list) possess some fairly funny titles.

This really is a crossbreed between a golden retriever and a standard poodle. For some odd reason, many goldendoodles really grow bigger than either their golden retriever or regular poodle parents!

The very first labradoodle was filmed in 1989 by an Australian called Wally Conron. Labradoodles are a mixture of Labrador retrievers and miniature or standard poodles. Since labs come in many different colours, it is possible to discover labradoodles which are brown, yellow, white, etc..

The true title of the hybrid dog is cockapoo, however as it’s a mixed breed between a cocker spaniel and a mini or toy poodle it’s also called a spoodle. These cute little teddy bears have existed from the U.S. since about 1960.

This strain is a mixture between a poodle and a schnauzer. Considering that poodles come in four different sizes (normal, tiny, toy and teacup) and schnauzers come in three sizes (normal, miniature and giant), dogs from every breed which are around precisely the exact same dimensions are bred to make schnoodles.

What do you get when you mix a wheaton terrier and a poodle – why, a whoodle, naturally! Whoodles are pretty cute and, because both strains are hypoallergenic to start out with, they create a fantastic option for those that are otherwise allergic to dogs.

All these tiny domestic dogs are the result of a cross between a poodle (generally toy or miniature) and a little dog breed called a shih tzu.

Just what you believed it would be – a yorkie/poodle blend! Brown and black and adorable around, these little puppies are extremely popular across America due to their small size.

Additional Funny Doodles

Affenpoo: Affenpinscher / Poodle
Airedoodle: Airedale Terrier / Poodle
Bossi-Poo: Boston Terrier / Poodle
Boxerdoodle: Boxer / Poodle
Cadoodle: Collie / Poodle
Chi-Poo: Chihuahua / Poodle
Doodleman Pinscher: Doberman / Standard Poodle
Eskapoo: American Eskimo Dog / Poodle
English Boodle: English Bulldog / Poodle
Foodle: Poodle / Toy Fox Terrier
Irish Doodle: Irish Setter / Poodle
Jack-A-Poo: Jack Russell Terrier / Poodle
Lhasapoo: Lhasa Apso / Poodle
Malti-Poo: Maltese / Poodle
Newfypoo: Newfoundland / Poodle
Papi-poo: Papillon / Poodle
Pekepoo: Pekingese / Poodle
Pinny-Poo: Miniature Pinscher / Poodle
Pomapoo: Pomeranian / Poodle
Poo-Shi: Poodle / Shiba Inu
Poogle: Beagle / Poodl
Pugapoo: Pug / Poodle
Saint Berdoodle: Saint Bernard / Poodle
Scoodle: Scottish Terrier / Poodle
Shar-Poo: Shar-Pei / Poodle
Sheltidoodle: Sheltie / Poodle
Sheepadoodle: Old English Sheepdog / Standard Poodle
Shepadoodle: German Shepherd / Standard Poodle
Springerdoodle: English Springer Spaniel / Poodle
Terri-Poo: Australian Terrier / Poodle
Westiepoo: Westie / Poodle

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