Graff! Graffiti! Street Art! All synonyms for a young art form who’s artists are literally “leaving their mark everywhere”. This thriving sub culture has been frowned upon by some due to certain artist’s choice of canvas but the talent, passion and impact are undeniable.


You ever look up on the side of building and see a name spray painted? What about a train? Or any place and think to yourself “wow that’s sick!?” Or even better, “How they’d get up there to do that?” If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions you’ve noticed the wonder of Graff’s thriving subculture.


Graffiti artists, or writers as they like to be called have been around for decades and it’s their mix of daring, skill, and social consciousness that adds to their allure. Graffiti is also one of the four elements of Hip Hop along with emceeing, DJing, and B-Boying that started in the Bronx NY and have since spread to the rest of the world!


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