Photo by BRAXartist Alex Queeno

Did you know-the word photography is derived from the Greek words photos which means light and graphein which means to draw and first photograph was captured in 1827 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce.


The photograph has since undergone many transformations. Negative to positive, polaroids and now digital photography (many more but this is supposed to be a short read) have all played major parts in the evolutions of this thriving craft.


Newspapers, websites (yep, including us), and pretty much anyone with a smart phone now use photographs and like types of imagery to capture moments in time and convey compelling messages. Here at theBRAX we’ll be highlighting those who have a knack for crystallizing those moments in the lighting, angles and sometimes filters that make an image AMAZING. Feel free to check back for updates and subscribe and we’ll e-mail you when new content is uploaded.