Starcraft 2 Strategy For Zerg – How to Counter Cannon Rush


Protoss Cannons can be catastrophic. In case the player isn’t ready for them, then they can efficiently decide the results of the match. Thus, it will become important for all races to learn the Starcraft csgo smurf

strategies on how to block the rush in its own paths. This Starcraft two strategy guide will explain to you how you’re able to cancel a Protoss Cannon dash being a Zerg.

Construct Spine Crawlers around your foundation to maintain the Cannons Away. Make sure you do everything in your power to postpone the advancement of their Cannons for your requirements personally base, especially taking out Pylons first. Then shift your focus to Banelings. These are the components you will soon be using to take out the Cannons. Whenever you have enough of these, sending them to get the Cannons or Pylons. Be on the watch for Void Rays; the enemy may be using the Cannons simply as a diversion or decoy.

Once the Cannons have been coped with, send your army to attack their main base. In case the enemy has Cannons safeguarding his foundation, have the Banelings counter them as a portion of your Starcraft two strategy. Give attention to taking his out Probes; usually do not waste your time on other things. If your opponent appears to be opting for Void Rays, destroy the Pylons for the Stargates. Use some Roaches to mop it up and finish the game.

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